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What is the network name?


Where should I get wireless Internet access?

In your apartment living space, or any place you see the optix network. If you are visiting someone in another apartment, where Optix Media Internet services are provided, you have full ability to connect to it.


I am getting dropped off the Internet often and/ or my connection shows limited connectivity. What do I do? 

This is usually caused by having outdated or misconfigured wireless drivers in your computer. Please call our technical support number at 208-242-3711.


Can I have my own WIFI Router or Access Point on the network?

NO. There is limited wireless space and by adding additional WIFI Access Points it degrades the performance of other network devices.


What computer devices are NOT supported on the Optix Media Internet network?

Nintendo Wii’s: The Wii uses an old WiFi protocal that we turn off on our network. Enabling this WiFi protocol would slow down ALL other devices connected to the network. You can use a Wii USB to Ethernet adapter if you have an Ethernet port in your apartment.

Wifi Printers: If you have a wireless printer and you can get it connected to the optix network great. If you cannot get it to connect using the printers technical support options, please turn off the wireless option on your printer and use a USB cord when printing.


When can I call to get support?

Call us at 208-242-3711. Our office hours are from 9:00am to 8:00pm for general questions and support. For emergency outages after hours, please call us at 208-242-3711.